Announcement on the modification of courses for 2020-1 semester after May 11th

writer : College date: 2020.05.01

Greetings in Jesus Christ.
We are notifying about the course operation for 2020-1 semester after May 11th as below.

  1. Entire courses of 2020-1 semester will be proceed via on-line lectures. Extended 6 more weeks [May 11th (Mon) ~ June 19th (Fri)] (some are excluded)
  2. Main Academic Schedule
    No. events date note
    1 Modification of course agenda March 4th (Wed) ~March 8th (Sun)  
    2 Opening of courses March 16th (Mon)  
    3 On-line course proceeded March 16th ~ June 19th (Fri)  
    4 Course registration change period March 16th (Mon) ~ 23rd (Mon)  
    5 Opening Worship March 17th (Tue) Supervised by Office of Spirituality Formation, On-line
    6 Course withdrawal period March 27th (Fri) ~ April 2nd (Thu)  
    7 Field Placement March 30th (Mon) ~ June 26th (Fri) Differ from schools
    *8 2nd round of course operated for Dpt. Church Music April 13th (Mon) ~ July 3rd (Fri) Major practical training, minor practical training, 2nd round of on-line lectures etc. (13 classes for 12 weeks, 1 makeup class)
    9 Midterm Exam Period April 27 (Mon) ~ May 1st (Fri) Operated by discretion of each professor
    10 Spring Bible Class Retreat May 7th (Thu) ~ 8th (Fri) Cancelled
    11 Worship for end of semester June 12th (Fri)  
    12 Final Exam Period June 15th (Mon) ~ June 19th (Fri)  
    *13 2nd round of Finals July 6th (Mon) ~ July 17th (Fri) 2nd round of finals for on-line lecture of Dpt. Church Music
    14 Grade input period June 15th (Mon) ~ 28th (Sun)  
    15 Grade peruse and revision Period June 29th (Mon) ~ July 3rd (Fri)  
    *16 2nd round of Grade peruse and revision Period July 20th (Mon) ~ July 22nd (Wed) 2nd round on-line lecture of Dpt. Church Music
    17 Commencement Ceremony August 6th (Thu)  
    *mark indicates the academic schedules for 2nd round online lecture of Dpt. Church Music.
  3. Total of 15-week courses ( including midterms and finals)
  4. course evaluation: absolute evaluation for this semester only
  5. face-to-face class allowed for college
    a. major practical training, minor practical training, instrumental ensemble
    b. courses of department of church music that are currently ongoing. (hybrid face-to-face class)
    c. maintain current on-line key note, but language classes will be proceeded both on-line and on-campus courses on June.
    d. face-to-face meeting available in the case of campus life and career linkage.
    e. both on-line and on-campus classes will be proceeded only for the courses requiring practical training. (individually announced later)
  6. Announcement regarding the use of practice room Department of church music
    a. Available time: Monday through Saturday 9:00am ~ 6:00pm (from May 9th, Saturday available)
    - If you want to practice on Saturday, you must register by Friday 4pm via register system.
    - Arrive before 10 minutes you registered. Tardy entry is prohibited.
    - When using on Saturday, self-measure of your own temperature and fill out the forms.
    b. Regulations on usage of Music hall facilities
    - Before entering Music hall, measure temperature and fill out facility usage form.
    - Were masks and maintain 2m social distance.
    - Immediately kicked our when violation is caught.

May 1st, 2020

Dean of College Education and Scholarship