Announcement on the modification of courses for 2020-1 semester after May 11th (To fellow students and professors of seminary)

writer : Seminary date: 2020.05.01

To fellow students and professors of seminary

  1. We pray that God protect bodies and minds of all fellow students with peace in this hardship due to COVID-19.
  2. As expressing gratitude towards the alleviated circumstances of COVID-19, we have been preparing for the on-campus classes even during 3rd period (May 11th ~ June 19th). We conducted numerous surveys, interviews, simulation, and meetings in order to analyze and discuss over the academic operation during 3rd period. The determined decision is as follows:
  3. The situation is getting better due to the efforts and cooperation of the state, medical staff, and citizens, but it is necessary to turn to the on-campus class gradually, paying close attention to the COVID-19 situation where there are still many variables. It is decided with the thought that students’ safety and health should be the top priority and that we should carry out important theological education, so we hope that you understand and help us by cooperating to make the remaining semester more efficient.
  4. Plans on Academic affairs for 3rd period of 2020-1 semester
    1) Practical training courses will be proceeded on-campus (face-to-face)
    i. Target subjects: pastoral practicums (practice of preaching, 9 classes), basic conducting
    ii. Dormitory applicants of target subjects: 2 persons per one room regulation is observed so there is a few available rooms. Identified 6 students can enter dormitory with the reference of academic advisory professor. For short-term residents, reserve and use the rooms of Luce Center.
    iii. Places before and after on-campus class: there will be notification for indicated places where students can take on-line courses on the same day of on-campus course.
    2) All the other classes will be proceeded on-line
    i. In the case of subjects with need for face-to-face classes: With the request of the professor in charge and the approval of 75% of the students, one or two times of face-to-face classes can be performed, but various situations related to this on-campus classes may occur. Therefore, the schedule, situation and classroom are adjusted in the office of education and scholarship.
    ii. Concerning the problems caused by on-campus classes, face-to-face classes would be allowed in the minimum range. (maintaining social distance, dormitory entry of students from rural areas, and the places for students to stay before and after the on-campus class)
    3) Faith-life
    i. Majority of students did not give much meaning to face-to-face classes, and even the result of survey insinuated that on-campus classes can be discontentment for the front and rear on-line courses. Thus, face-to-face classes would be minimalized, instead gathering and sharing would be actively utilized.
    ii. In 3rd period (6 weeks), it is recommended for professors and students to gather together and share meals, prayers and times.
    iii. It is particularly asked for academic advisory professors to take care for freshmen on campus tour, introduction of facilities, advice for seminary life and so on.
    iv. Barbeque place (behind World mission center): register ahead of use via student information system.
    4) Devotional Training (seminary 1)
    i. Subjects of training are highly recommended to finish the training within the scheduled period. However, social distancing and students’ health is the most significant concern.
    ii. New place is already explored where social distancing can be observed. After tour of professor in charge, final decision will be announced later.
    5) Grade evaluation
    i. Considering current situation, results for this semester graded with absolute evaluation.
    ii. We will continue to communicate and review, trying to avoid face-to-face evaluation. A project or evaluation method will be prepared and proceeded under the discretion of the professors in charge.
  5. We are sending gratitude towards students and professors who understood and cooperated in this difficulty, and towards the executive staff who provided with myriads of materials and information, analyzed simulation and discussed about it. We hope for your continued prayer for the safe and peaceful academic journey of this semester. And we ask for your understandings and cooperation even under inconvenient circumstances. If there are any inquiries or comments, please contact the office of education and scholarship (Seminary) (450-0738, 0739).

May 1st, 2020

Dean of seminary