Operation Change Notice on Library (Moffett Build.) / Reading room (8th floor of SoYang Build.)

writer : Library date: 2020.05.14

We are going to operate library and reading room limitedly in order to gradually resolve the academic inconvenience, which were close to prevent COVID-19 spread. Please note this announcement on utilizing facilities.

  1. Duration: Monday, May 11th, 2020 ~ until there is another announcement
  2. Target: Enrolled students (members and external users are prohibited)
  3. Information on operation by space
    Space Operation hour
    Reading room at 8th floor of Soyang Building
    Master’s/Doctoral reading room for graduate school
    Weekdays: 09:00~19:00 Saturday/Sunday/holiday : No-day week
    Library (Moffett Building) Weekdays: 09:00~19:00
    Asia Christian Reference room (Moffett 2nd floor)
    Group Study Room
    Han Kyungjik Memorial Library (Yungsung residence hall 3rd floor)
    No-day week
    (For members, check-out and check-in are available at delivery room by closed manner*.)
    *closed manner: readers are not allowed to freely tour in the library, and follow certain procedure to borrow books)
  4. Intensify the regulation on reading room and library entrance
    a. Febrile check (entrance limited whose temperature is over 37.5 degree) and mask wearing check.
    b. Maintaining distance: cannot sit on the marked seats.
    c. Conversation not allowed and mask should be put on all the time
    d. Restrict visitor access (local residents, members, students from other school)

Director of Library