Entire Weekend Spirituality Formation Training for Spring Semester has been Cancelled and postponed to Fall semester

writer : Department of Spirituality Formation date: 2020.05.29

Greetings to our beloved spirituality formation subject students in Lord.

Recently, there is a growing concern about the re-spread of infectious diseases due to the rapid increase in COVID-19 confirmed cases. Due to this unstable circumstance, reexamination on weekend spirituality formation training which is planned on June became necessary. As a consequence of it, entire training program for Spring semester in 2020 is cancelled and postponed to Fall semester.

This decision was made with the conviction of "theology education based on securing safe campus" which is the important value that we must uphold during this COVID-19 crisis. I would like to ask for your understanding on inevitable situation to modify the training plan several times.

We will do our best with weekend spirituality formation training for Fall semester. Please put it in your prayer that this pandemic meets end within a short period of time.

Alternate trainees are required to submit a certificate after serving at certified social service institutions as previously announced. For more information, please contact the TA.

Spirituality formation trainees of the Fall semester will be scheduled to run weekdays training and weekend training in a parallel course.

Director of Spirituality Formation