Countermeasure Guide on COVID-19

All the members of PUTS are discussing on the various countermeasures to prevent COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to share maneuvers with you and seek your cooperation.
Crisis Alert Level : SERIOUSSeoul/Metropolitan Area Social distancing : 1 level
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Theological Reflections

Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary(PUTS) introduces the passages of professors which are written with indepth theological reflections to give ideas on diverse perspectives and interpretations about COVID-19 pandemic to Korean churches and Christians.
Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary

An Epistle of Comfort and Encouragement for Churches Suffering from COVID-19

Warmest greetings in the name of Jesus Christ who died and resurrected for us. Even though COVID-19 has threatened us, we pray the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will ...

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Gyeung Su Park PUTS, Professor of Historical Theology

Attitude of the Reformers towards the Black Death

The whole world, including Korea, is groaning due to COVID-19. We realize acutely how human beings are incompetent facing this circumstance. Korean churches are disconcerted ...

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Bo-Kyoung Park PUTS, Professor of Missiology

When COVID-19 Comes Close to Us: A Short Missiological Reflection

I happened to be in Daegu, when COVID-19 hit it. Through my stay there for three weeks and my experience of my family’s sadness, I came to deeply meditate on how Christians should be ...

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Kyo Seong Ahn PUTS, Professor of Korean Church History

Church and Calamity: Focusing on Korean Church

There have always been disasters in human history. As the scope and intensity of disaster have gradually increased in recent years, it has become the subject of academic study. In other ...

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Sang Uk Lee PUTS, Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling

Disaster and Pastoral Counseling: Shout Out Love in the Situation of COVID-19!

A secret comes to be known when it is taught, because the secret is explainable. In contrast, mystery remains unknown even if a logical explanation is given. Life in itself involves such ...

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Kyung Eun Kim PUTS, Assistant Professor of Spirituality

Spirituality Overcoming Calamity: Self-giving Love and Prayer

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the death of Albert Camus (1913-1960) who was an atheist existentialist and won the Nobel prize in literature. New attention is being paid to his ...

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Hee Sook Bae PUTS, Professor of Old Testament

Calamity and Church: An Old Testament Reflection on the COVID-19 Outbreak

The four phases of life: birth, old age, sickness, and death are inevitable and a part of the human fate (Eccl 12:1-7). However, it is certainly abnormal to have a large number of fatalities in ...

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Jinbong Choi PUTS, Professor of Preaching and Worship

On the Non-Everydayness of Being Church: Worship and Preaching in Social Distancing

Due to the spread of COVID-19, gathering worship in a chapel has been suspended. Instead, alternative ways of worshiping (e.g. online worship, family worship) are being enacted ...

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Chang-Ho Lee PUTS, Professor of Christianity and Culture

A Reflection on Disaster from the Perspective of Christian Ethics: Focusing on the Practice of Love and Justice

This article examines Christian ethical attitudes in situations of total disaster like COVID-19. With regard to disaster, which ethical perspective or norm should be underlined and ...

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Junghyung Kim PUTS, Professor of Systematic Theology

Hoping for a Renewed Church after COVID-19

Korean churches have encountered an unprecedented crisis in the era of disaster due to the spread of COVID-19 around the global village. However, if we think about it a little more, ...

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Chung-Hyun Baik PUTS, Professor of Systematic Theology

A Systematic Theological Reflection on COVID-19: God, Where Are You?

Today, the world is witnessing tremendous misery. COVID-19, which began in Wuhan, China at the end of 2019, has gradually spread and has swept the world in just a few months. ...

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Hyoung Seop Shin PUTS, Professor of Christian Education

Calamity and Educational Ministry: Discovering a Innovative Path in the Midst of Crisis

Ed Stetzer and Thom Rainer, who are the CEOs of LifeWay Research as a leading global Christian research organization, studied and analyzed the remarkable church sites of this era and ...

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Tae Sub Kim PUTS, Professor of New Testament

Disease, Disaster, and God's Kingdom in the New Testament

Korean society today is suffering from COVID-19. Attention towards the disease has increased amongst citizens who make try to continuously practice social distancing. In doing so, there ...

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Sung Bihn Yim PUTS, President / Christianity & Culture

The Role of Church in Disaster and Social Upheaval

This article starts by exploring various interpretations and social responses on the Great Lisbon Earthquake known as a historical catastrophe in 1755, and further seeks to find directions for ...

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교단별 발표문


대한예수교장로회총회 코로나19 감염증 제3차 대응지침

전국 각 지역에서 코로나19 확진환자가 급증함에 따라서 2월 23일에 감염병 위기경보가 '심각' 단계로 상향되었습니다. 한국교회는 코로나19의 확산을 방지하기 위하여 방역당국과 적극 협력하고 있고, 전세계 ...

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고려신학대학원 교수회

국가적 비상상황과 공예배에 대한 신학적 · 목회적 성찰

1. 코로나19 바이러스의 빠른 전파로 인해 한국 사회 전체가 큰 고통을 받고 있다. 특히 성도들 가운데 바이러스에 감염된 분들이 생겨나면서, 급기야 주일예배를 취소하고 온라인 예배 등과 같은 대체방안을 ...

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총신대학교 신학대학원위원회

코로나19 확산 상황에서의 주일예배 형식에 대한 제언

코로나19 감염이 지역사회로 심각하게 확산되는 추세입니다. 이 상황과 관련하여 주일예배를 가정에서 혹은 영상송출을 통하여 드리는 것이 가능한 지에 관하여 논의와 문의가 발생하였습니다. 이에 총신대학교 ...

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한국기독교장로회 총회장

코로나19 대응을 위한 한국기독교장로회 목회서신

사랑하는 기장교회 성도들에게 하나님의 은총이 깃들기를 소망합니다.
‘코로나19’의 확산이 국내외적으로 새로운 국면으로 접어들고 있습니다. 그동안 비교적 완만하게 확진자 ...

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합신총회 신학연구위원회

합신 주일 예배 지침

코로나19 사태로 인한 공예배의 신학적, 목회적 제안
점차 코로나19 의 사태가 심각해짐으로, 정부는 종교단체의 집회를 자제해 줄 것을 요청하고 있습니다. ...

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