120th anniversary commemoration events

Event Outline

2021 is a meaningful year that PUTS marks 120th anniversary. We have celebrated our special anniversaries by publishing '100th memorial History Photobook ' and '110th memorial white paper on academic curriculum'.
As Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary marked 120th anniversary, we are requested to act as a compass to the future of theology education and theological charge towards the world, along with newly reflecting the history of 120 years, the whereabouts of church, and the role of theological education in this 4th Industrial Revolution and Artificial Intelligence (AI) era.
In the late 19th century, 26-year Missionary Moffett has come to Joseon, where other missionaries were reluctant to visit, and established PUTS with the motto of "Pietas et Scientita". We are facing the critical period to study the faith and theology of missionaries, students and professors in early PUTS, evaluate and analyze the existing spirituality formation and devotional training, sum up the fruits of "practice of the gospel" domestically and abroadly, and present the way forward. Even during COVID-19 crisis, we have prepared the 120th commemoration events in order to proactively challenge the future with the driven force coming from our root and resources we already had. It would be truly grateful for cooperating with prayers.


May 11, Tue. 10:30

120th anniversary commemorating Worship


April 4, Sun ~ May 23, Sun

The Great Fifty Days

May 11, Tue. 12:00

120th anniversary commemorating Exhibition


May 11, Tue. 13:00

120th anniversary commemorating Seminar

June 28, Mon. 9 ~ 18:20

120th anniversary commemorating seminar for Ministers (I) [Topic: Post-COVID-19 era & Ministry]

July 5, Mon. ~ 6, Tue.

120th anniversary commemorating seminar for Ministers (II) [Topic: Ministry under Post-COVID-19 & Digital Literacy]

October 21, Thu.

120th anniversary commemorating Conference & Feast of the Reformation


May 3, Mon. 19:00

On-line Concert, Piano Praise with Violin, Cello and Organ

May 11, Tue. 19:30

9th Regular Concert of Seoul Moffett Choir

May 21, Fri. 19:30

120th anniversary commemorating professors’ concert

June 28, Mon. ~ July 3, Sat.

25th Seoul Oratorio Festival for 120th anniversary

November 4, Thu. 19:30

39th Regular concert of Dept. of Church Music

Events by Students’ Council

May 11, Tue.

120th anniversary commemorating Seminary

May 12, Wed.

Prayer meeting for PUTS community

During May

PUTS e-league

May 12, Wed.

Green Day Green Concert

  • The schedule of above events can be changed due to COVID-19
  • Detailed notice will be posted later for each event.

Commemorative Logos for 120th Anniversary